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Order FAQs

Order Amendment

1. After the order is successfully submitted, you can modify  cancel it at any time before payment. If your order has been paid successfully, please contact our customer service to modify it.

2. You can also click "Online Customer Service" to consult with the staff. If the customer service is offline, you can let them help modify it by leaving message to our customer service.

Q: How can I quickly find the product I like?

A: In addition to browsing the related products through the buttons on the navigation bar  the product categories on the left side of the home page, you can also find the products through the search 

box at the top of each page.


Q: What should I do if I don't know the postal code?

A: Please fill in as much as possible. You can check the correct postal code by calling the local postal hotline.


Q: I have selected delivery against the payment, can I change it to cash on delivery?

A: Sorry, we do not support COD.


Q: I have paid for my order, what should I do if I want to modify it?

A: Please contact the customer service, we will help you modify the order.


Q: What if I don't have a fixed receiving address?

A: If you can go to the nearest express company to pick up the goods, you can also place an order, but you will need to call our customer service to inform about it.


Q: How do I place an order in this mall?

A: Shopping in this mall is very easy  convenient. If you are not a member of this mall, please register as our member first. If you have already registered as our member, please log in first. Then  the specifications  quantity of the item you want, after that click the Buy Now button. According to the payment method you choose, our staff will confirm with you as soon as possible after seeing your order in the background. After confirming the receipt of your payment, we will fill in the address  consignee according to your order.  deliver the goods to you. If you still don't understand, please click on our Shopping Process.


Q: How can I consolidate two orders I made?

A: 1. If both orders are pending for review, please  the two orders directly  then place it again.

 2. If one of the orders has been accepted, please contact our online customer service during working hours,  our customer service will help you.