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If force majeure factors  other uncontrollable reasons lead to the breakdown  malfunction of the website sales system, which results in the failure to complete online transactions  loss of relevant information, records  so on, we won’t be responsible for that. However, we will assist in dealing with the aftermath as much as possible,  strive to reduce the economic loss of our customers.

Our store can help handle relevant transportation procedures according to customers’ requirements, but our responsibility is just limited to delivery on time,  assist checking in the event of a logistics accident in stead of covering any compensation provided by the logistics. All enquiries on claims shall be processed in accordance with the logistics regulations. The buyer shall not claim compensation before the expiration of the entire logistics inquiry. Please be noted that customers should verify the receipt of the detailed address  the consignee's phone in case of postponed delivery. Anyone who shops in this store is deemed that he  she agrees with this statement.

Customers’ Supervision 

We hope to provide quality services to our customers through unremitting efforts, we accept customers’ supervision throughout the process of providing services to our customers. 

Dispute Resolution

If there is any dispute between customers  the website, it can be resolved according to relevant laws  the agreement confirmed by both parties at the time.