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Distribution Scope

After you  the correct province, city, district/county according to the consignee's address, the system will provide you with the alternative shipping method  related delivery information.

At the same time, there will be differences in the scope of transportation of each logistics. As for the areas that can be transported to ( whether your region supports home delivery service  not), You are advised to consult the customer service of that,  you can check the distribution scope on the logistics website.

For your convenience, we provide the following contact information of common domestic express delivery companies as reference:

YTO Express National Customer Service: 021-69777888

STO Express Customer Service: 400-889-5543

SF Express Mainland Customer Service: 400-811-1111

ZTO Express Inquiry&Complaint Hotline: 400-827-0270

YUNDA Express Customer Service: 400-821-6789

TTK Express Customer Service: 400-188-8888