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Invoice System Description

How to request an invoice: 

1) Click edit on the billing page


2)  the invoice title, the individual  the unit, the taxpayer identification number,  require the full name of the unit should you  it.


3)Submit the order

Invoice instructions:

All goods in this mall can be provided with formal commercial invoices, which can be used for unit reimbursement.  the content of the invoice can only be issued according to the product you actually purchased. The invoice value is the amount actually paid for the product (excluding the portion of the discount  the freight).

Note: The invoice will be sent by ordinary post mail 30 days after you received the goods. Please check it. As the invoice cannot be issued with the goods for the process of return  exchange , please forgive us for the inconvenience. If you need to obtain an invoice, you can contact our online customer service.

Note: Please keep it properly after receiving the invoice. If the return is made, you must send back the corresponding invoice together.