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1. Are the goods sold in this mall authentic licensed? How about after-sale service?

A: The goods sold in this mall are authentic licensed, with free invoices. With the sales voucher, all goods can enjoy after-sales service guarantee, we will strictly fulfill the obligation of exchange  return for the goods sold.

2. Why is the price of this mall so different from that of the physical one?

 A: From manufacturers to general agents, different wholesalers,  physical stores with luxury decoration, the commodity price of each level has been increased, therefore consumers can only  accept the high price passively, while for us there is only one level of the supplying factory.

3. How to place an order in this mall?

 Ordering in this mall is the same as most shopping websites. If you don't know much about online shopping, you can click on the shopping process of this mall.

4. What should I do if the transportation causes damage?

 A: You don't have to worry about transportation problems because if the goods are damaged  lost by us during the delivery, we will undertake it. (There may be a slight collision after the long-distance transportation, but it will not damage the goods in the box. All the products of the mall are tightly packed.)

5. How much is the freight?

 A: When you click on the payment button, the system will inform you of the freight automatically.

6. How long will it be delivered?

 A: Usually our warehouses are in stock. The orders before 16:30 every day can be delivered by Express. The general packages for Yunnan, Gansu, Hainan, Tibet, Xinjiang  Qinghai can be delivered within about one week. You can also track the package in [Personal Center]-[My Order].

7. What if I’m not satisfied with the goods received?

 A: Within 7 days after you received the goods, if you are dissatisfied with the goods,  have not opened  used it which may lead to quality problems, you can unconditionally return  replace other products that you are satisfied with.

8. Do you issue an invoice?

 A: We can offer free formal invoices to all the products we sold. When you place your order, you can check the invoice  fill in the relevant information. After 30 days when you receive the goods (Please forgive me for the inconvenience as the invoice cannot be issued with the goods in case of being returned back.), We will mail the invoice to you by regular mail. If you need to obtain it in advance, please contact our online customer service  call our hotline: 400-828-3363.

9. What kind of payment are there in this mall?

 A: Currently we support three payment methods namely Alipay, WeChat  UnionPay.

10. How to calculate the return shipping cost?

(1) Customers shall bear the freight by themself when they refund  exchange the equivalent  overvalued goods due to their own reasons.

(2) When the goods are purchased within 7 days  shall be returned due to the quality problem, the freight of returning  resending it will be covered by the mall.

11. I am a student at school. Can I choose the payment of cash on delivery at school?

 A: This store does not currently support cash on delivery services.